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Roasters Specialty Coffee – Jumeirah, Dubai

In the United Arab Emirates, coffee holds profound cultural significance, often serving as the cornerstone of various customs and ceremonies, particularly in the welcoming of guests. Despite its importance, you would think that finding a great cup of specialty coffee in Jumeirah, a central hub for many visitors to Dubai, would be easy. Unfortunately, my exploration along the colorful streets left me disappointed, with almost no exceptional specialty cafes to be found—except for Roasters Specialty Coffee House.

With multiple locations across the city, the café I visited nestled within the JBR & NFT Gallery. As I approached the expansive storefront, adorned with tables best suited for cooler, shadier days, I was greeted by the sight of a welcoming staff member stationed at the large glass entrance. The effort required to maneuver the hefty door amidst the cooling effects of the air conditioning was evident, yet seamless.

Roasters Speciality Coffee - JBR NFT Dubai - Interior

Inside, the café exudes style and illumination, both indoors and outdoors. Ample spacing between tables effectively mitigates noise and echoing, despite the abundance of hard surfaces. The tasteful inclusion of art pieces and greenery enhances the ambiance, creating a welcoming environment across its two floors.

Service at Roasters Specialty Coffee House is prompt and amiable. The menus for food and coffee are readily accessible, either through attentive waitstaff or touch devices, catering to individual preferences. In line with prevailing tipping culture, acknowledging the staff’s dedication and service is appreciated.

The coffee menu is a treasure trove, offering an array of beans and brewing methods, including espresso, hand drips (V60 and Chemex), cold brew, Aeropress, and syphon. My initial foray involved savoring a cappuccino crafted from a house blend, setting the bar for my ensuing culinary journey. The milk, expertly foamed to the cusp between wet and dry, combined seamlessly with the espresso’s rich, chocolatey, and nutty undertones, devoid of any bitterness.

Roasters Speciality Coffee - JBR NFT Dubai - drip coffee presentation
Roasters Speciality Coffee - JBR NFT Dubai - Syrniki

Emboldened by my delightful experience, I ventured further, opting for an Panama Geisha brewed via V60, accompanied by Ukrainian-style Syrniki—a delectable cottage cheese pancake adorned with sweet whipped cream and berry compote. The Geisha, served alongside dates, complemented its plum-like flavor profile, accentuating the coffee’s intrinsic allure. Its deep roast precluded any tea-like comparisons, harmonizing flawlessly with the airy yet sumptuous Syrniki. The interplay between coffee and cuisine refreshed my palate, invigorating each subsequent bite with novel flavor combinations.

Naturally, as a cheesecake enthusiast, a coffee lover, and a glutton, I couldn’t resist indulging in an Americano with their Ethiopia Geisha and a slice of their Basque cheesecake. The Ethiopia Geisha, with its dark cherry notes and rich body, proved to be a fitting companion to the creamy and somehow light rare cheesecake. The caramelized exterior of the cheesecake played a delightful counterpoint to the coffee’s fruity notes, while complementing its woody and roasty flavors—a pairing made in heaven.

Roasters Speciality Coffee - JBR NFT Dubai -  cheesecake
Roasters Speciality Coffee - JBR NFT Dubai - Cheesecake texture detail

For those seeking exceptional coffee in Jumeirah, Roasters Specialty Coffee House stands as a beacon of excellence. Regrettably, my encounters with other establishments fell short of expectations, warranting no further mention. If you had a different experience or want to share your thoughts, I’d like to hear about your experiences in the comments section.

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