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Very few businesses change over time. Once established, they often stay the same, and some even go out of business with the same concept they started with. However, a few rare businesses are able to adapt and change as needed, and ChadLou’s is one of them.

Years ago, ChadLou’s was a small café and roaster with a limited breakfast menu, serving coffee that was good, but lacked distinguishing factors that set it apart from any other coffee house. They served basic medium-dark to very dark roasted coffees with some sweetness and nuttiness, but little acidity and only hints of bitterness. There wasn’t much to differentiate the different offerings they sold, and seemingly all the coffee in Hawaii seemed to follow this familiar formula.

Inside ChadLou's

When COVID-19 disrupted the world, ChadLou’s was forced to evolve. They adopted a new concept that helped them to survive through the tough times that caused many other businesses to fold. To streamline their business model, they stopped all food preparation and partnered with Tucker and Bevy to serve prepared and packaged foods. They also became more of a platform to educate people about coffee and the whole lifecycle from bean to latte art decorated cup, making them one of the few third-wave coffee houses in Honolulu.

Thanks to these changes, you can now try many different beans from Hawaii and all over the world, roasted at various levels that help you appreciate the subtle differences between each variety. You can also learn about what it takes for farmers to bring our favorite caffeinated beverage to us and how to keep the process sustainable for everyone.

ChadLou's coffee menu

Located in Kailua, ChadLou’s is housed in an older, wood-constructed building with plants everywhere and laid-back yet competent baristas. Despite being almost a whole new experience from the shop 10 years ago, the whole experience at ChadLou’s has an organic and relaxed feeling, much like it has always been.

If you’re in Oahu and love coffee, I highly recommend that you make a detour to check out ChadLou’s. They offer a unique and enjoyable coffee experience that is hard to find. To learn more about ChadLou’s, visit their website at

Cup of ChadLou's coffee

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